Saturday, May 30, 2009

More booth downsize pictures

These are more pictures of my booth downsize. It is now a 10 x 11 and has more room to walk around inside now. I just love the enamel table that DH painted and made a few minor repairs. I have never seen one this size either - measures 48" long x 24" wide and has two drawers. Sure hope no one wants to buy it - I priced it high just to keep for display! I even used a picket fence behind it to hang aprons since I have no walls.

Booth Downsize

I finally downsized my booth this past week and I think it will be much easier to maintain now. This is the front of the booth....I believe in stacking shelves for display!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Bloomers!

Some of the other day lilies decided to open this morning so I took some quick pictures before the rains get here later this morning. Enjoy and wishing everyone a safe Memorial Day. Please remember to thank a serviceman when you see one this or veteran.

Friday, May 22, 2009

OMG Garden - Part 2

This is the remaining pictures of the OMG garden. It is hard to believe that this actually exists!

OMG Garden

Okay this is for real....OMG garden is the name DH has given it. I couldn't believe it yesterday when he drove me by to take a glimpse of it. We both drove off laughing so hard too! I am not sure if anyone lives in the "garden house" (surely not!) but no one has been there in two days. I wouldn't even get out of the truck to snap the pictures for fear of some "critter" attacking me. The 2 pictures are of the "garden" spot itself...complete with dining booths from the recently remodeled Taco Bell in town. The gold angel adorns the top of some "deck" that goes no where. The house is really a mess as you can see. Notice the lovely "hot tub" and can you imagine someone in it....yikes! This is the house next door complete with the baby buzzard hovering over some dead "critter" you see why I wouldn't get out to take the pictures! There was a baby fox under the house but he wouldn't come out so we could only see his face. The last picture is "the end" buzzard wandering off in the woods to who knows what! Hard to believe this is in the city limits too!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blooming flowers!

I have been MIA for a while but trying to get back in the swing of things. Our flowers are starting to put on such a pretty show of color now with spring weather. The day lily bed is loaded with buds and some of them have started blooming now. This was a bed we added to as we found day lilies we liked.

Friday, May 8, 2009

This is something DH and I drive by quite often and luckily I had my camera with me this week. DH discovered it one day and pointed it out to me....he calls it the 'devil in the fence'. I am not sure what it reminds me of but has such a mischevious look to it. We both chuckle now when we pass by it. It is amazing what you will see on your daily trips around town too!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sorry I have been away for some time but so much has been going on around here. I have really tried to clear out lots of stuff and list in my Etsy store too so be sure and check it out. I sell under the name magark. I finally finished the rusty bird cage in a previous post and have it in the booth right now. I tried to keep the decor simple and not pour a lot of money into something that a buyer will change anyway. It has a cockatiel on the perch and bird nest in the bottom of the cage. Hopefully it will soon find a new home. Also I painted the rusty mailbox that was listed in a previous garage sale on the blog a lovely pistachio green. Folks around here will not even consider buying anything with rust on it. Things have to be pristine for them to even look at it! It is so hard to figure out what will sell in the booth anyway and I am really enjoying the sales in my Etsy store at the present time too. I think I will raid the booth of items that are just sitting around decorating and not going anywhere! If you see anything in previous garage sales listed I will take 25% off the asking price if you are interested in anything....just email me and we will work out shipping. Have a great day !