Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today's Estate Sale

Today hubby and I attended an estate sale and made a few neat purchases. We found a wonderful enamel top table; minnow bucket; vintage Sonic Drive Inn tray; circular ornate metal piece that we will probably turn into a chalkboard, large metal scoop and other fun stuff. We love to create items from found objects just to be on the different side of decor. We both love to hunt treasures and often frequent flea markets and auctions.

Crazy Weather

Yesterday our temps were in the upper 70's and last night we had storms and a cold front pass through. This morning we woke up to 36 degrees and had to turn on our greenhouse. Our poor azaleas are so confused and just blooming away! Tonight we should dip into the lower 30's and have frost tomorrow morning. Nothing like living in the lower south!