Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sorry I have been away for some time but so much has been going on around here. I have really tried to clear out lots of stuff and list in my Etsy store too so be sure and check it out. I sell under the name magark. I finally finished the rusty bird cage in a previous post and have it in the booth right now. I tried to keep the decor simple and not pour a lot of money into something that a buyer will change anyway. It has a cockatiel on the perch and bird nest in the bottom of the cage. Hopefully it will soon find a new home. Also I painted the rusty mailbox that was listed in a previous garage sale on the blog a lovely pistachio green. Folks around here will not even consider buying anything with rust on it. Things have to be pristine for them to even look at it! It is so hard to figure out what will sell in the booth anyway and I am really enjoying the sales in my Etsy store at the present time too. I think I will raid the booth of items that are just sitting around decorating and not going anywhere! If you see anything in previous garage sales listed I will take 25% off the asking price if you are interested in anything....just email me and we will work out shipping. Have a great day !

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