Friday, May 22, 2009

OMG Garden

Okay this is for real....OMG garden is the name DH has given it. I couldn't believe it yesterday when he drove me by to take a glimpse of it. We both drove off laughing so hard too! I am not sure if anyone lives in the "garden house" (surely not!) but no one has been there in two days. I wouldn't even get out of the truck to snap the pictures for fear of some "critter" attacking me. The 2 pictures are of the "garden" spot itself...complete with dining booths from the recently remodeled Taco Bell in town. The gold angel adorns the top of some "deck" that goes no where. The house is really a mess as you can see. Notice the lovely "hot tub" and can you imagine someone in it....yikes! This is the house next door complete with the baby buzzard hovering over some dead "critter" you see why I wouldn't get out to take the pictures! There was a baby fox under the house but he wouldn't come out so we could only see his face. The last picture is "the end" buzzard wandering off in the woods to who knows what! Hard to believe this is in the city limits too!

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